Electrolytes believe in supporting their allies, big or small, by helping players learn about their guild! On this page you will find information on the allies we support and hope to help grow over time!


Meet Alban!

Leader: Kaitimos

Officer: Frostkai

Guild Size: Unknown

Description: We strive to become true friends in real life.


Meet Echoes!

Leader: Khmi

Officer: Mergalicious

Guild Size: <25



Meet Lethaldrive!

Leader: Paxseko

Officer: Ratofplague

Guild Size: 25 Daily, 150 Total

Description: Lethaldrive is driven to explore gaming in all its facets: from combat, production, and narrative, to socializing in a safe, productive, caring environment known as a 'third place.' We are not a Mabinogi-only guild and our backgrounds and interests reflect that, but Mabi will always be home to us.


Meet Rebound! The word Rebound could represent many things, but we like to refer it as to bounce back and that's just what we are!

Leader: Jfry

Officer: Exa

Guild Size: <50

Description: Rebound is a smaller close knit guild that is based around family relationships! Anyone is welcome!