Frequently Asked Questions

Electrolytes FAQ!

Below you will find some Frequently Asked Questions and their answers! It is important to us that your questions are met with an answer! To make suggestions for this page, please message AL#8342 on Discord!

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How long can I be inactive on Mabinogi before I am kicked?

5 weeks, not including activity on Discord. If you reach this point, you will be sent a message on Discord before you are let go to give you a chance to come back or let us know why you have stopped getting online. We’re generally pretty relaxed and will work with you, however, those who do not reply will be removed and will be left with a note that they are free to return anytime!

Does your guild allow alts?

Yes, but only one and it must be active. We are not interested in padding our numbers with alt characters! The idea is that we run an active guild, so this is for the best!

What happens if I leave?

You will be removed from all 3rd party platforms, including our website, Discord, and any other devices. However, you will be allowed to rejoin our guild anytime to continue getting our benefits!

Who do I talk to for guild help?

Ataraxiz, the current Officer(s), or a staff member. We offer quality assistance for all of your guildly needs, including getting roles in our Discord Server, answering questions about our guild, helping you in-game, and more!

Do you guys do endgame content?

Our guild is a social guild, however, we do have a few endgamers within the guild who are looking for runs. Currently, we are looking into tailoring to those looking for endgame content once a month. While our goal is still purely social, we still want to make this a more suitable experience for all of our members!

What is your EU population like?

We currently have ~20 EU players in our guild and we are looking to better cater to these players due to their time-zones. We're currently looking for more EU players to join our ranks to bring better content for the EU population of Nao!

What times are the guild most active?

Electrolytes has a majority of players in the EST and PST time-zones, therefore our members are usually online around 5PM - 12AM PST! We do, however, have a decent amount of players on in the 8AM - 2PM range and are looking to grow it even further!~

Why do I need a Discord Account to join?

Discord is a lovely way to keep in contact with our members when they're not online or are online on an opposite schedule than us. It provides an easy way to keep people informed of all the coming changes and events in our guild/to Mabinogi. The chat is also not refreshed or deleted when changing channels and relogging, so it allows a nice flow of conversation that everyone can comment on. It's honestly a must!

If you're new to Discord we can help you get started and learn the mechanics of this seemingly complicated platform. We assure you that working Discord becomes much easier after sometime exploring the application!

What's the point of the Joining Process?

AThe Joining Process helps us ensure our guild isn't full of alts or people who were randomly invited, letting us personally get to know each member before they join, and allowing them time to test the waters in order to see if we're the right match. Guilds should be a place that suits each individual and what they're looking for, so this allows us to make sure each member will find happiness in our corner of the community!

What are Name Changes, and what do I do to get one?

Name changes were added to the game shortly after the Nao merge due to duplicate names having +server added to their name and causing issues with some features. You can request your free name change by going to this web page or buy one by going to the cash shop and purchasing a name change coupon, then requesting your name change on the same site!

You will have to leave your guild, marriage, and family to get a name change! Please do this prior to requesting your name change, and DO NOT get married, enter a family, or join a guild until your name change goes through during maintenance! This will cancel your name change request and you will have to wait another week! This also includes applying to a guild by guild stone or invite, so please just be patient! ♥