Guild Reviews

On this page you will find reviews from our members on our guild! This will be a collection of comments from our members on their experiences in the guild! We hope you'll enjoy hearing from them as we do!

Guild Reviews

"I've been in Electrolytes for a couple of months now, and it is great. I'm really quiet when it comes to socializing, but after some time and some really welcoming members, I truly feel like a guild member. If you ever need help, people will answer your questions. If you want to run dungeons or missions, people will come through. If you wanna just afk fashionogi, people will afk with you. I love the guild events that the guild admins run, it really adds to the family fun vibe I feel. I am glad I joined Electrolytes. Meeting people hasn't been as fun before! If you're thinking about joining, just try us out. It's so welcoming!!!" - Beansie, Event Coord

"What not to like! Not only there's almost always someone active, but they host their own events (with prizes!), are almost always up to running dungeons or helping with quests, have the best quality memes and are, overall, very nice people to hang with. They even have a minecraft server! (mostly used when Mabi's on maintenance lol) But yeah, 11/10 Guild here." - Fireblade29, Member

"I've been with Electrolytes for a couple weeks, and honestly it's been pretty great. I found the guild through my in game family and joined up, but quickly found myself wrapped up with the other guild members. The people and kind and fun to hang out with, and they really make the game feel alive. Random game nights with the other members is an absolute blast too. Keeps things fresh and fun.

9/10 IGN, needs more cowbell. " - Icedmatcha, Welcome Circle Member

"10/10 will meme with me" - FedoraDan (aka Daninogi), Member

"As a guild Electrolytes™️ has vastly improved my Mabinogi experience with fun events and a welcoming community of kind people willing to help you out when you need it. The admin team is also top rate. If you are looking for a guild to feel at home in or just a place to chill after a hard day consider Electrolytes.

9/10 Ata smells" - Exogenesis, Moderator

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