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Ataraxiz {Leader}

Hihi ♥! I'm Ata/Al/Guild Mama and I'm the leader of Electrolytes! I created this guild with my in real life husband, Zurcishere, three years ago! You will often see me in Dunbarton standing around chatting with our members/allies on Ch5 or you will find me working on future content for our guild in our Discord server! I have a lot of love for my guild and it's members and my goal is to make this the most comfortable little family in Erinn!

This guild means the world to me, so of course my review is a bit biased, however I will say I'm surprised at how close-knit and family like our guild has become, even to newer players or recruits! Everyone has a very friendly aura around them and they can be so energetic! One second it's a normal conversation and next thing you know it explodes! I can't get enough of them ♥ and I hope you will consider giving us a shot at your heart! I assure you, we'll win you over ♥!

I enjoy spending time with our guildies, singing, dancing, petting my adorable kitty, snuggling with my husband, and chowing down on some grub!

♥ I hope to see you soon, whether in-game or on Discord (AL #8342)!


  • Cats! ♥
  • Recruiting/Meeting new people! ♥
  • Hot Pink (#FF1493) ♥
  • Sushi ♥
  • Green Tea Ice Cream ♥


  • Drama/Personal Conflicts
  • Spiders
  • Any other creepy crawlies

Vandibuits {Officer}

Howdy, I'm Vandibuits. Second officer in the guild. I've been around since the start of the guild, and knew many members from a previous guild.

I'm happy to help out where I can, Be it in game or otherwise. If you need something from me, don't hesitate to ask. I can either help, or point you in the direction of someone who is better fitted for the job.

I don't know what i'm doing in life. But I am Ordained. albeit agnostic - quite the thing, really. I rarely sleep, so chances are if you message me, I'll be there to answer.


  • Photography
  • Games
  • Reading


  • Yes

Fun fact; This background Is a picture I took myself

Zurcishere {Officer}

Zurcishere, the original leader of Electrolytes, followed his wife Ataraxiz from guild to guild until finally they made the joint decision to form a guild together. He was often known as "Our Lord and Savior Sir Helmet" or "Papi Helmet" because he never took off his helmet and even gifted his wife his first sigged item, which happened to be a remake of her silver Dragon Crest.

Currently Zurcishere is on an indefinate hiatus. You may see him from time to time in our meme and NSFW channels on Discord, he however, no longer plays. He remains Officer in the guild to support his wife, who is the current leader.


  • His Wife
  • Memes
  • Gaming

Exogenesis {Moderator}

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  • Dumplings and Sushi
  • Pokemon
  • Piano
  • Medieval History
  • Rockets and Space
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qrpo {Moderator}

Hi, I'm qrpo and I'm one of the mods for the guild.

I've played Mabinogi off and on since release. I'm an engineer for NASA and I really enjoy my job even though it detracts from my time on Mabi. I'm always up for running things on Mabi so if you see me online, give me a shout (hopefully I'm not AFK at the time).

I also really enjoy playing the piano and listen to a lot of classical piano pieces.

I have a pretty dry sense of humor and I'm not really that creative so I leave that to my girlfriend, Selky. Also, Ata, Sheppy, and Arogya carry people through Rabbie Phantasm all the time so let them know if you wanna do those.

Selky {Moderator}

Hello, my name is Selky and I am a proud moderator ♥ I'll be the one watching over chat in game and on discord, so let me know if you have any issues and I'll help you out!~

I'm currently a senior in college and I'm majoring in Computer Science. I'm doing research work and art as my jobs. ♪

I've been playing Mabinogi for 10 years now and hope to play for many more. Yes, I am the crazy firebolt lady 🔥 I aim for the top bolt magic dps in the server :3 My play style is casual but I'm up for end game content as well. I also try my best to help out anyone new who needs it!

I've been in many guilds but primarily Lothlorien before ending up here. Of course Electrolytes is my favorite out of them all! I want to be friends with everyone in the guild, so please don't be shy around me. The best way to get close to me is offerings dumb humor and bad jokes.

My favorite color is obviously pink, and my style is cute. I am quite guilty with fashionogi but hopefully by now I've balanced it out... if you ever want to take cute pictures together I'm 100% always down.

Last but not least my other hobbies include drawing/crafting, programming, singing, and I play other games such as Pokemon, Animal Crossing, Atelier games, MMOs including Archeage Unchained, Guild Wars 2, Final Fantasy 14, Phantasy Star Online 2, Black Desert, Maplestory 1 and 2, the list goes on really. Find me in #other-games if you want to play together! ♥

♥ Likes:

  • Cats, specifically my cats Baby and Tibby
  • Japanese Pop Music
  • Classic Art and Art History
  • Stuffed Animals (I have a hoard)
  • Makeup and J-Fashion
  • Sushi
  • Sanrio

♥*♡∞:。.。⋆ ˚。⋆୨୧˚qrpo˚୨୧⋆。˚ ⋆ 。.。:∞♡*♥

Arogya {Event Coord.}

It me, Arogya. I mainly help run monthly concerts as well as spearhead a large amount of PvE content for the guild. I have really big sticks. My two calling cards are over explaining things and doing so overly eloquently.

I’ve been trouncing about Erinn since nearly its first dawn. I’ve touched nearly all the content the game has to offer and I make a point to do what I enjoy rather than just what’s meta. If you’re looking for how beef free players can do in a casual capacity, look maybe a little further, but I’m pretty cool.

I’m very much an ideas man. I like to explore expressive mediums and research current growing or past successful scientific endeavours. Lastly, I love to spout endless tangential references and nonsensical trivia.


  • Strategy
  • Fur babies
  • VGM
  • Tinkering with electronics
  • Gaming
  • Fashion


  • All the things you like

Beansie {Event Coord.}

Hello!!! My name is Beansie, commonly shortened to bean. I have been playing Mabinogi on and off since its beginnings, first in Tarlach. My beloved main character Beansie has been around since 2011, when I decided to move to Mari. I enjoy fashion, life skills, and commerce, but I am generally always down to run anything if you ask. My favorite talent has always been alchemy. I'm always open to new experiences since there is a ton of content I have not touched yet.

Outside of Mabinogi, I am a nursing student. My free time to play varies with the school year but you'll probably see me most active on weekends, evenings, and school break periods. If I'm afk on Mabinogi, I might also playing another game or indulging in hobbies. My hobbies are knitting, drawing, baking, and watching anime or Chinese drama. I'm relatively quiet, but I'll easily open up and talk if approached. Every guildie is a friend!

Guild Members

Fireblade29 (Member)

Hey! I'm Fireblade. I've been playing Mabinogi since 2011 or so, but joined Electrolytes by the beggining of 2018 (and returned by the end of 2019, after a hiatus). I'm pretty much aspiring to get an alpaca and all Skills, Generations, and collections finished at some point, and would like to have some hand on being a Fashionogi sometime (when I actually manage to do a decent amount of gold, haha)

Electrolytes is, actually, one of the only guilds I've been in game and the only one I stuck with. I'm more of a solo player, to be honest, but they somehow managed to rope me in (couldn't be more thankful to Mr. Winged Dude for that, someday I'll remember your IGN).


  • Cats & Alpacas ★
  • Drawing ★
  • Purple & Green ★


  • Chard :P



  • Foxes, Unicorns and Dogs ♥
  • Adventuring/Cute Outfits ♥
  • Purple and Black (#9932CC) (#000000) ♥


  • Mean People
  • Insects
  • Being Lonely

Kitsuchan2 (Member)

My name is Kitsuchan. But feel free to call me Kit or Kitsu.

I have been playing mabi since about 2009. I have seen the game go through A LOT of changes. I do a little bit of everything on mabi. I am very go with the flow. Kitsu is a fashiongi. She loves loves loves cute clothes. Things that show off mah curves are the best!! My style colors are black and purple. Where does my name Kitsuchan come from? It all started with Kurama from YuYu Hakusho. I liked him so much that one of my best friends irl started calling me Kitsuchan (Since Kurama is a Kitsune/Demon fox). Foxes are also my favorite animals.

I have been in many MANY guilds over the years. Misfits was my first guild. My best friend in high school was the leader. She ended up quitting mabi but i stayed and kinda went from guild to guild for years. That was until I found Electrolytes. I think this has been the best guild I have ever been in!! I met a lot of new friends. Everyone is so loving and nice. I can be a very random person sometimes and they are so accepting! I love my mabi family!

I am a cute, fun, caring, romantic, and whimsical person. I very much march to the beat of my own drum :3. I am very loyal to my friends and would do a lot to be there for them.

Snowywolfie (Member)

I have been a player in Mabi on the Mari server since open beta and have always gone down the bard route. Music in this game is what I have always loved to make and listen to, and it is what has tied me to the game for so long. I have always been the more social type, and recently started getting more competitive, but I'm slowly settling on somewhere in between these days. Outside of Mabi, I enjoy Final Fantasy 14 and have a few hobbies here and there IRL.


  • Helping others
  • Music
  • Cooking


  • Needlessly elitist attitudes
  • Bad smells
  • Blanket haters