Our Story

Making the Decision

After over a year of roaming and making friends in other guilds, Ataraxiz and Zurcishere decided that there was no true place for them; it was time to build a place of their own creation. After many requests from their friends to make their own guild, the couple and three of their many friends decided to come together and form what is now called Electrolytes. Starting with the first five members, they conquered trial after trial to build a place of light-hearted fun at a time when it seemed the light was dwindling for the community. They sought to bring life back into a place they adored, and never expected what was to come in the future.

The Start Up

Kicking off their guild with daily small events and monthly large events, Electrolytes slowly started to grow. Beginners, end-gamers, and casuals joined to experience the start of something new in the Mari server: a growing guild of friendly members buzzling in a homely environment. A couple months after the guild’s creation, a Discord Server was created in order for the members to better compliment the guild’s growing size. Trials came left and right to test the new guild's stability, however, they passed with flying colors each time.

A Big Change

After a year, more trials, and some steady growth, Ataraxiz and Zurcishere moved in together and Zurcishere transferred his leadership role to Ataraxiz. After awhile, he decided to take an indefinite hiatus from Mabinogi, and left the reins to his wife while giving his support from the real world. The rest of the year was filled with many beneficial changes, as well as passing Officer to a very worthy candidate, Vandibuits, who had supported the guild since it’s beginning.

In Today's World

Today, the guild is still moving forward to a steady beat. Now with more leadership experience, Ataraxiz continues to hold her position as Leader with plans to continue pressing forward for as long as life permits. The guild still maintains it's homely atmosphere and provides a home to 120+ members, an astonishing amount from where they once began. The guild's staff members continue to plan exciting events for the future, leaving no time to spare!