Supporting Electrolytes

How can you lend a hand?

If you've joined the guild and are having a good time, you may be wondering what you can do to help. Running a guild as active and eventful as Electrolytes requires none other than the support from it's members and associates to keep striving forward. There are many ways you can support our guild - some are as easy as leaving a comment on our forum post and others are as simple as a gold donation. All support is welcomed and appreciated to the highest extent! So if this sounds like you, you've come to the right place!

The following drop-down menu has detailed explanations of how you can support our guild. In no way your support is taken for granted and you are thanked for your gratitude and generosity. Even considering to lend a hand shows us how you feel about our guild!

1: Social Media: Official Forum Thread, Reddit, and More

By commenting/liking on these social media platforms you not only tell the Community about your experience, you tell us! Participating on our social media promotes the guild to potential newcomers, shows us how you feel, and proves we are very much alive and active to the rest of the world! Who knows, maybe you'll be someone else's inspiration! Continue reading the subsections to learn about our various types of social media!

  1. Guild Website
    • Our guild website is the center of all of our activity! You can support us by writing a Member Bio & Review! Just send a Staff Member a picture of your character, a paragraph about who you are and your experience with the guild! It's that easy!
  2. Mabinogi Official Forum Thread
    • The Mabinogi Forums is a popular platform that fellow Milletian's use to find active guilds. A large amount of our members have found our guild this way and leaving a comment about your experience may help them decide if we're what they're looking for! All you have to do is login to the forums with your Nexon Account and leave a comment on our page!
  3. Reddit
    • Believe it or not, the subreddit r/Mabinogi is very much alive! Though it seems not very many people use this platform, many people actually enjoy lurking and reading up on the newest Mabinogi content. Keeping an eye out for any posts by potential recruits and leaving your very own comment to our r/Mabinogi thread may spark some interest in Electrolytes!
  4. Youtube
    • Believe it or not, we have a Youtube Channel! Every now and then we stream/upload videos of our guilds antics, events, or weddings! Subscribe to our channel and gain access to all videos immediately after posting!

2: In-Game Donations

By donating your spare gold and items we are able to offer a more lively experience by planning events that give incentive to participate! All items/amounts are accepted and will go directly into making our guild a better place!

How To: Please mail or trade all donations to Ataraxiz to go into storage and be added into the prize-pool!

Note: In no point in time will items or gold donated go to personal use unless directed by the donator!!!

Rewards: You will be thanked in the announcement channel of our Discord Server!

3: Nitro-Boosting

You'd be surprised at the perks from simply using your Nitro to boost a server! More emojis, better calls, larger upload limit, and neat artsy perks to make our Discord Server even nicer! If you have Nitro and wish to make our dreams come true, give us a boost by going to your settings and choosing our server in the Boosting menu!

How to Nitro-Boost:

  1. Buy your Nitro Subscription or a Boost in the Discord App or on their website.
    • You can purchase Boosts separately from a subscription, however subscribers get 2 boosts right away!
  2. Go into your Settings > Server Boosting > and select our Discord Server!
  3. Confirm your Boost!
    • You will have to do steps 2 & 3 more than once to apply multiple boosts!

Note: We reached our goal of Level 2! All rewards still apply even after we've reached our goal so feel free to send in your boosts!

Rewards: You will receive a few rewards for Nitro Boosting as well!

  • The Nitro Booster role in our Discord Server to show off that you boosted your favorite Mabinogi Community
  • Your name will be posted on our Forum Thread and Electrolytes Website Homepage
  • You will receive one item off of our prize list for each boost you give!

4: Guild Sponsorship

Donating any sort of funds towards our guild will be used for Premium/VIP services as well as given away as prizes! If there is any sort of sale that guarantees a full outfit or pet, we may use this in the future for more incentive to participate in our events!

How to become a Guild Sponsor:

  1. Purchase your Karma Koin Card or transfer your funds to your Venmo/Paypal Account.
  2. Send the Karma Koin Card redemption code to Ataraxiz on Discord OR send the desired amount to Vandibuits on Venmo/Paypal.
    • For Paypal/Venmo: Please request the needed information from Ataraxiz or Vandibuits.
    • For Karma Koin: Please specify the amount in your message!
    • For Paypal/Venmo: Please include your IGN in the message!

Rewards: When you donate you will receive a variety of rewards as well as the official Guild Sponsors role on Discord!

  • Entry to an exclusive giveaway!
    • Participants will be entered into a giveaway for only Guild Sponsors each month for NX, items, gold, and possibly more!
  • Participants will be able to pick one raffle during the month to be entered in twice instead of once!
    • Each Banquet we try to host our own raffle in order to give away some of our excess prizes.
  • An icon drawn by Selky, Jekko, or Tokeiyo!
    • As appreciation for donating, participants who donate $20 or more will receive a icon of their character from one of the two artists. (However, once you donate you will not receive another icon for 3 months as a sort of "cooldown" so our artists are not bombarded with too many projects.)
    • Depending on the amount you donate, the artist who draws your icon will receive part of your donation (somewhere between $10 - $15) to compensate for their time.
  • Each month we will recognize our Sponsors on our forum thread and Electrolytes Website Homepage!
    • Additionally, once we reach Level 2 in Discord Server Boosts, the sponsor who donates the most that month will also become our banner until the next round begins and they will also have their image posted on the Electrolytes Website Homepage and our Forum Post!
  • Guild Sponsors will be able to suggest and vote on their role color with the other guild sponsors when the color theme changes in our Discord Server!

We thank you for supporting our guild! We hope to continue serving you for many years to come!