Joining Process

Recruitment Status: Open! Continue reading to learn how to join!

Thank you for considering Electrolytes!

Thank you for choosing to join us in our shockingly-refreshing fun! Below you will find a list of requirements that you must complete before being added into our Discord server! While we are generally very lax, this process has helped many potential recruits to decide if this is the home they're looking for while allowing our members to get to know them before we accept them officially! We've done our best to make this process fun and we hope you will enjoy this tiny piece of the Electrolytes Guild Experience!

Rules & Regulations:

Before you join it's important to read up on our Rules & Regulations! Please take a moment to look over them before applying!

Keep the Peace. If there is an issue or concern then please talk to an admin! We want to be here for you every step of the way ♥! If there is an issue is in a public place, the conversation will be looked over and then deleted to prevent further discussion. Issues that occur in private between yourself and another guild member will also be handled depending on the evidence that is provided. Be mindful both sides will be heard of EVERY situation before action is taken.

Do not break Mabinogi’s TOA (Terms of Agreement). Mabinogi has it’s own game rules. If you proceed to break these, you are in risk of being banned from the game itself.

A group is a group. Stay with the group in runs unless the run is said to be a speed run! If it is not a guild event, its up to the leader of the party and will not be seen as guild related.

Be respectful to fellow members. Do not harass, bully, blackmail, extort, or beg in any such way. Do not talk over guild members in meetings, serious conversations, or other confrontations.

Do not share or spread guild information. Unless to another Guild member, do not spread information unless directed by an admin. If gone over during a meeting, you should probably not give out that information. This also includes a member’s private information.

Discrimination Policy: The members of the Electrolytes Guild will not discriminate server origins, race, gender, sexuality, religion, or any other characteristic when recruiting or handling an occurrence.

How to Join:

Electrolytes is mostly an all-accepting guild, however we do have a few requirements:

♥ You MUST have a Discord Account and add Ataraxiz (AL#8342) or another moderator!

♥ You MUST mail Ataraxiz a Cucumber! (You can buy these for 20g at any grocery store [except Tir] or food truck in-game!)

♥ You MUST note Ataraxiz the word "Hydrated" before you will be allowed into our Discord server (to prove you have read and understand the rules)

* Currently, applications in-game are glitched and I am unable to see what's said on applications. Please note me the secret word or message it to me on Discord!

We have a 24-to-72-hour waiting period before you will be accepted into our guild to ensure there are no issues with you joining and to allow others to welcome you. This process is solely for the purpose of giving members a say in who gets accepted and to become more comfortable with you. All requirements must be completed before you will be accepted!

* Recruits who are interested but are on a guild-cooldown after joining a guild 7 days prior to contacting us will be allowed to start the process while they wait.

*Secret word and mailed item will change occasionally.

We hope to see you soon! And remember....