Artist Alley

Step into the Electrolytes Artist Alley!

This section of our website is dedicated to our artists and aiding them as they make their name on the web! Our artists work very hard in creating extravagant, beautiful works in order to breathe creativity into our world, therefore all credit for the works posted on this page go to the artists as mentioned.

We hope you enjoy looking over the works of our Artists! Be sure to look into the social media as linked in each Artist's section!


"Hey kids I'm Tokeiyo! Also known very rarely as henby if you look at the rest of my usernames. I draw some stuff sometimes. Please consider supporting your local henby today. " - Toke

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"Hey everyone! My mabi ign is bellanemo, and along with playing video games, I also love to draw! I mostly draw portraits of my dnd characters and occasionally I draw comics." - bella

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"Just your friendly neighborhood shork trynna make a quiccy thiccy buck uwu I can do OC or DnD character art, fanart, and real people! Time frames can be discussed and sketches are typically confirmed before lineart and color." - Cukie

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"Hi guys! I'm Mari also known as Mar...or SunshimeBabey on Instagram. I'm a young artist looking to make commissions and one day turn SunshimeBabey into my own brand name. I do lots of digital and traditional art while I strive to improve. Currently I draw my original characters, fanart and often some art gifts for friends. I hope you like my art and consider following my Instagram ♥" - Mari