Electrolytes Monthly Concert

Hello all, it is a pleasure for us to announce Electrolytes Monthly Concerts. We will be renting out the Arpeggio Concert Hall every month for our guild members to perform and for everyone to enjoy. Upon the announcement up to 20 members may go on stage and perform! This selection will be first-come, first-served as well as priority given to those who did not perform the previous concert.

Concerts will be held every 2nd Saturday or Sunday (by popular vote) of the month at 1900-2100EST / 1600-1800PST (7PM to 9PM EST / 4PM to 6PM PST) with special exceptions announced in advance. The concert may end before the reservation time but feel free to hang out as long as you’d like! Please keep an eye on the #event-info channel for information and a vote on each month's concert!

For those performing, Each individual or group may play a set of up to 3 songs and then make way for the next performer(s). If approved, you may choose to do another type of performance such as a story or a play!

Please note:

  • additional lights and stage change cost will fall to the performers
  • reactions on monthly concert post will be for voting for day as well as performance signup
  • player concerts are only allowed on channel 2

For questions or concerns, please contact the head of the concerts, Arogya!