Electrolytes Weekly Girg Training

This page contains all you need to know about our weekly girg training event! Feel free to contact a Girg Raid Captain for more details!

Girg Captains: Ataraxiz, Furrycookies, rabbitwar, Shikiti

Time: Fridays @ 6:30 PM PST

Place: Emain Pub, Ch5

Electrolytes Girgashiy Raids are designed for those who are new to the raid, who are uncomfortable with public raids, and those who wish to come just for fun. We understand Crusader Raids can be tricky for beginners and public raids can be stressful for people who are just starting out, however, with the newest skills added into the game, Crusader Raids have become essential for players to become up-to-date with the newest mechanics. With this in mind, we have opened up the option to our members to join us in Guild-Only Runs once a week to rank up their Crusader Skills. These raids have already helped a lot of our members, and since our groups are smaller, personalized help makes learning more efficient. Additionally, we have a guide set up that beginners can look over if they want to know more about the raid!

If you are interested in these raids, please subscribe to the @Party role in our Discord server and watch for the weekly ping to survey the interest for this raid or head to the Emain Pub on Ch5 on the day and time listed above. Raids are subject to be cancelled or moved depending on interest or availability of the Raid Captains without prior notice. Please be sure to keep tabs on this in our Discord Server! Last but not least, our Raids will begin at the time listed and will go on for however long the members of the party are available. If you have to AFK or get offline please notify the Raid Captain directly.

Thank you for your interest in our Weekly Girg Training Raids! We hope you will join us soon!