Electrolytes Weekly Movie Nights

Hosts: Ataraxiz, K25

Date & Time: Saturdays, 7PM PST

Location: Discord, Movie Time Voice Call

Our Saturday Night Movie Nights started out as a of group 3 watching goofy anime's together in VC, but it quickly grew popular as more guildies decided to join in and watch the anime with their friends. Now the suggestion has been made to make this official, so here we are!

Note: Movies are subject to be cancelled or postponed without prior notice if it conflicts with our events, the events of Mabinogi, or if little interest is shown for a show.

Movie Night Rules & Policies

To ensure the upmost enjoyment of the show feature, we have a few rules and policies in place that will allow us to get the most of our time together!


  1. Muting is fine! You don't have to talk! ♥
  2. Do not be obnoxious during the show! Casual jokes and laughing is fine!
  3. Have yourself muted if there is background noise.
  4. No spoilers!


  • If there are 5 or less people: If you need to get up for something, we will pause.
  • If there are more than 5 people: We will pause after each episode/in the middle of the movie and ask if anyone needs to get up for some reason.
  • We will finish one show/movie at a time before showing a new one!

Movie Night Suggestions Survey