Heart Sticker System

Our one of a kind Heart Sticker System recognizes members for their good deeds around Erinn!

The Electrolytes Heart Sticker System is a system in which the players of Erinn can nominate helpful players inside of our guild to give tribute to their good deeds. Electrolytes has many extraordinary members who often help others inside and outside of Electrolytes, and our system intends on rewarding those who have helped you! Simply fill out the form below and your nominee will receive a heart sticker for the deed, and be entered to be considered for our Monthly Member Honorable Mention! That's all there is too it!

Honorable Mentions are members who have been selected each month from a list of candidates from the Heart Sticker form! At the end of the year each member's heart stickers will be counted and our Most Helpful Cucumber will be nominated and receive a prize!